Dear Governor Brewer: Be Our Valentine and Let DREAMers Drive!

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Post a short comment for Governor Brewer and we'll make sure it's included on one a valentines card, to be delivered on the 14th.


¡Adhiere tu nombre en apoyo para licencias de conducir para SOÑADORES en Arizona! Escribe una nota breve para la Gobernadora Brewer y nosotros nos aseguraremos que sea incluida en una de las tarjetas de San Valentín abajo, que serán presentadas el 14 de Febrero.

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    Send a Valentine to Governor Brewer: Let DREAMers Drive!
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    Please consider what many Az voters want you to do and that is to let the dreamers drive so that they can be contributing to our economy.
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    Show some love, compassion and humanity Governor Brewer!
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    It’s OUR economic advantage!
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    Dear Governor,

    On this day i just ask thank you give the dreamers on chance to be able to have a life full of opportunities rather than obstacles.we offer you our friendship in return of you respect.
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    Dear Governor,

    We all know you are a very busy woman, and as such, you probably appreciate the ability to get around to different meetings and events quickly and safely. Well, Dreamers are busy too! And they’d like that same ability to get around safely and efficiently – going to work, classes, or volunteering in the community. The truth is: the sooner you let them drive and more fully participate in the economy and civil society, the sooner their talents, hard work, and support of local businesses will benefit us all.


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    Please give DREAMers the right to a driver’s license!
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    Let dreamers drive. Not only because its the lawful thing to do, but it’s in our states best interest. Not only will Arizona generate more money but our streets will be safe!
  • signed 2013-02-13 21:27:27 -0700
    I truely believe that transportation is an essential thing in order for dreamers to get to work or other areas that are far away.
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    This kids deserve their right to a drivers license
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    Dear Governor Brewer, please let dreamers drive and let us adhere to the rules and have safer streets, all we want is to contribute to this nation and specially to this wonderful state, please open your heart! God Bless you.
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    will LUCHA be my valentine?
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    Dear Governor Brewer! Please allow us Dreamers to obtain the drivers license in the state of AZ that way we can all adhere to the rules and compliance with all traffic laws!!! This Feb 14th, we are askin you to please open your heart and be OUR VALENTINE!!!
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    Governor Brewer, granting DACA DREAMers the privelage to drive makes sense both morally and fiscally. Obtaining a drivers license means an opportunity to participate and contribute in our local economy by paying taxes at a local, county, state and federal level.Licensed and insured drivers means safer streets and lower healthcare costs. As well, as creating business and jobs through patronage to local businesses and restaurants. It is just a win win situation. Be our Valentine and let our DREAMers drive

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