Save Lilly Washington's Home! -- Salvemos la Casa de Lilly Washington!

In 2010, Bank of America and Fannie Mae illegally and fraudulently foreclosed on LILLY WASHINGTON, unjustly evicted her not once, but TWICE and dragged her through the courts for two years in an attempt to win legal approval for their criminal activities, causing substantial financial loss and irreparable harm to her health. In April 2012 a judge gave Lilly the right of repossession and now she's suing for her title and for damages. 


En 2010, el Banco de America y Fannie Mae, ilegalmente y fraudulentamente ejecutaron una hipoteca a LILLY WASHINGTON. Injustamente la desalojaron, no solo una vez, sino dos veces y la arrastraron a través de los tribunales durante dos años en un intento de obtener la aprobación legal para sus actividades delictivas, causándole pérdidas económicas importantes y daños irreparables a su salud. En abril de 2012 un juez le dio a Lilly el derecho de vivir otra vez en su casa y ahora ella está demandando por su título y por daños y perjuicios.

Bank of America and Fannie Mae: We demand that you negotiate fairly with Ms. Washington. We demand that you give her the title to her home, free and clear, and pay for the harm you have caused her. Furthermore, we demand that you immediately cease all fraudulent foreclosures and evictions.


Banco de America y Fannie Mae: Exigimos que la negociación con la Sra. Washington sea justa. Exigimos que Ustedes le den el título a su casa, libre y limpio y que paguen por el daño que le han causado. Además, exigimos que le ponga fin de inmediato todas las ejecuciones hipotecarias y desalojos fraudulentos.

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    My house was sold by Bank of America/Fannie Mae as well. I was told by my lender that they weren’t going to sell my house. I was in the middle of a loan modification. BAC agent laughed at me when I was served papers by the sheriff. They told me "we don’t want your house and there is no ‘sale date’ on my house until the day after it sold.
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    Sign the petition: Save Lilly Washington's Home from #BofA's #fraudulent #foreclosure! #occupyhomes #ows #p2
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    I am going through the same thing in NV. Any help nyou can suggest would be greatly appreciated,. I am running out of time.
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    Sign the petition: Save Lilly Washington's Home from #BofA's #fraudulent #foreclosure! #occupyhomes #ows #p2
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    BOA and it’s practices need to be stopped… The nightmarish stories of this school yard bully should land it’s corporate gorrilla’s in federal prison
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    I’m still fighting BofA and Fannie Mae even though Fannie evicted me on April 4, 2012. They deserve to LOSE, not win. I hope you win Lily!
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    I’m still fighting BofA and Fannie Mae even though Fannie evicted me on April 4, 2012. They deserve to LOSE, not win. I hope you win Lily!
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    THE THEFT OF HOMES HAS TO STOP! Freddie and Fannie and the Wall St Banks are the biggest MAFIA group to have ever existed!
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    I live in California, victim of the banks injustice and a former US Marine. I now work some what independently suing the banks for all the wrongs they have committed one house at a time.
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    I also demand the same for myself. I have survived 2 modifications and one foreclosure I am on modification number three and foreclosure number 2 thanks to B of A’s banksters. Over my dead body or in a stretchure is the only way I will leave my home.
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    t’s time to forgive these fraudulent loans and write off the usurious rates of interest. PROSECUTE THE BANKSTERS!
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    Lilly, keep on fighting. The fraudsters did the same thing to me. They illegally sold my house and I won it back. I have sued them in court too.I have been fighting them since 2009. It is not asking for a free house or for the damages they have caused me but I want the world to know that we little people are bigger than them. They should not cheat and grab property to the people who work hard in their lives to keep their house and their family.


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