Civic Engagement

Changing the Community:

As of 2014, there are 3.2 million registered voters in the state of Arizona.  Demographically, people of color, youth and single mothers are underrepresented in these statistics.  That is why LUCHA's sister organization, Arizona Center for Empowerment partners with One Arizona and encourage those eligible to make there voice heard at the ballot box.                                                                                                                                                 

LUCHA is proud to have joined the Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Alliance(CCNA) as the civic engagement chair. As newly elected chair,  we are excited to host workshops and community forums to have a more in depth understanding of how voting has a direct impact on peoples' lives.  

We provide the community an opportunity to get help with their N400. Let us help you fill it out and ensure it is ready to go.   In collaboration with the One Arizona coalition, ACE has registered and signed up over 100,000 voters on the permanent early voting list.  An estimated 5,000 youth turn 18 each month in the state of Arizona and become eligible to vote.  In July of 2014, ACE and One Arizona passed a Civic Engagement Resolution with the Phoenix Union High School District to be able to actively engage potential voters through classroom presentation and a civic engagement week.  

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