I Will Fight to Save the Minimum Wage -- Yo Voy a Luchar para Salvar el Salario Mínimo

Arizona's lowest-wage workers make only $7.65 an hourif_the_minimum_wage.jpg.                                                                       But, even that's too much for some 1%ers.

The Arizona Restaurant Association, led by Steve Chucri, is pledging to keep up the attacks on our minimum wage. Instead of working to create new, quality jobs and strengthen our economy, some in the Arizona state legislature would prefer to widen the wealth and income disparity gap between workers and CEO's by lowering wages for all.

Will you pledge today to fight for the minimum wage?                 


El salario minimo para los trabajadores de Arizona es tan sólo $7.65 por hora; sin embargo, los del 1% piensan que es demasiado.

La Asociación de Restaurantes en Arizona, dirigida por Steve Chucri, se comprometió a continuar con los ataques a nuestro salario mínimo. En lugar de trabajar para crear nuevos y mejores puestos de trabajo y fortalecer nuestra economía, algunos en la legislatura estatal de Arizona prefieren hacer mas grande la brecha de ingresos y riqueza entre los trabajadores regulares y los ejecutivos de las grandes empresas mediante la reducción de los salarios para todos los trabajadore regulares como nosotros.

¿Te comprometes hoy a luchar con nosotros a favor del salario mínimo?

I pledge to defend the minimum wage! Arizona's hard-working families will not have their paychecks raided by CEO's and their 1%er pals. I will actively fight any legislative attempts to lower this wage, which will hurt our state's poorest workers and our shared economy.

Me comprometo a defender el salario mínimo! Las familias trabajadoras de Arizona que sobreviven del salario minimo no tendran sus cheques de pago robados por los CEOs y sus compañeros de 1%. De manera activa me comprometo a luchar contra cualquier intento por los legisladores para bajar el salario minimo, porque esto le harán daño a los trabajadores más pobres de nuestro estado y destrozara nuestra economía.

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    This is just one more embarrassment for Arizona. Shortly after I moved to AZ, I was talking to a co-worker (had a job for awhile, $4.25 hr.) and asked why he thought AZ was STILL a right to work state. His reply, “What that means is, a right to NOT work. Because you make less working than not.” Can’t wait to move. Love Joyce
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    There are some things people shouldn’t even think and one of those is reducing the minimum wage. If the minimum wage is reduced, those in the state legislature should have their wages reduced to the same amount to understand just what they are imposing on working people.
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    We need a limit on extreme wealth. Jail the rich!
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    Since my son (retired military) was laid off, only minimum wage jobs are available. A decrease in the minimum wage means he will be unlikely to support his family and put food on the table, pay the rent, etc. This is stupid to go back on what voters approved and other legislatures O.K.

    Maybe we should just help the legislature find other jobs after the next election.
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    this state is shamefull on how it treats its workers.
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