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Press Statement: Supreme Court Stands with DACA Recipients, Providing Relief for Immigrant Youth and

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Phoenix, AZ. — Today, the Supreme Court announced a 5–4 ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, ruling that Trump’s administration violated the “Administrative Procedure Act” in ending the DACA program. Justice John Roberts joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Stephen Bryer, and Sonia Sotomayor wrote that Trump’s administration “total rescission” of DACA “is arbitrary and capricious.”

The Supreme Court understands the overwhelming popularity that exists for the program, and they stood with the American people. Today is also a repudiation of Trump’s white supremacist agenda and xenophobic policies!

Since Trump took office and rescinded DACA in September of 2017, immigrant youth, their families, and allies across the country have been fighting to protect DACA. This win is a testament to the power of organizing over the last three years under the Trump administration’s relentless anti-immigrant attacks. We know, that Donald Trump will respond and continue his unlawful and racist attacks on our community because he fears our power and presence. This day also belongs to Arizona immigrant leaders that have been fighting over the last decade which led to the defeat of a racist sheriff, SB1070, and for in-state tuition. When we come together and demand change we win!

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court rejects Trump’s divisive and hate-filled agenda and sides with immigrant youth, showing us what we already knew: DACA is lawful and beneficial public policy. This decision will help protect the lives of over 700,000 current DACA recipients and their families from Trump’s cruelty — for now.” — Arisdelci Gonzalez, DACA Recipient and Member Engagement Organizer of LUCHA

While this is a major victory and gives hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth much-needed relief the DACA program is a temporary fix. We still have a lot of work to do, we demand Trump halt all deportations, and extend DACA permits that expire in 2020 by 2 years. We demand the removal of ICE and CPB from our communities, and we urge Congress to pass HR6 and defund ICE & CBP.

LUCHA members call on Trump to make a commitment to respect the decision of the Supreme Court and order the USCIS to not share information of DACA recipients and their families with ICE. This landmark decision comes after weeks of intense protests from African Americans and allies to end police brutality, systemic racism, and demilitarize and defund the police. Our commitment to dismantle a system that is deeply rooted in white supremacy, which is both anti-black and works to rip immigrant families apart is unwavering.

Our fight for equity, for black lives, and for the protection of all immigrants is one we must do collectively.

La LUCHA Sigue!

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