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Despite primarily having to defend and protect our community, this year we will be ensuring that we center issues that we are currently facing, such as economic relief due to the pandemic. The People’s Budget is our priorities and demands for the Arizona State budget that is informed by YOU, to ensure that we are centering the needs of our community.



For the last 30 years, lawmakers have been cutting funding from institutions, programs, and services that support our working families every day. Our children attend schools with the second lowest funding rate in the nation. Our families are being evicted from their homes. And only 8.7% of our working parents can afford childcare.


Since 2010, LUCHA has been mobilizing, organizing, and empowering Arizona's working class, people of color that live in some of Arizona's most vulnerable communities. We have gone from marching in the streets to the front steps of the Capitol to passing the historic law that raised Arizona's minimum wage in 2016. Now, we are ready to pass a People First Economy.

The "People First Economy Campaign"

It's time for us to push back on our leaders who pass government budgets year after year that overfund police budgets and prioritize corporate interests. That is why we need to fight, together, for an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich. This year, we will be organizing for these People First Economy policies:

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave For All

  • Affordable Housing For All

  • Affordable Childcare For All

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