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November 19, 2021

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House Democrats Pass Biggest Investment In American Families In Decades That Includes Protections For Millions Of Undocumented Immigrants Through The Parole Program. LUCHA Calls On The Senators Kelly & Sinema To Pass The Reconciliation Bill With Protection For Millions Of Immigrants


Phoenix- Today, Democrats in the House passed the Build Back Better plan (BBB), which is historic funding that will provide critical relief for millions. Democrats also included protection for millions of undocumented immigrants through a Parole Program that allows some to change their status and prevent deportation. This is by no means a pathway to citizenship and this type of relief excludes many millions of immigrants. 


Alejandra Gomez, Co-Executive Director from LUCHA said:

“The Build Back Better Act if passed by the Senate will fundamentally reform our child care system, affordable housing, medicare, lower prescription drugs, and protect many millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. BBB is a step in the right direction in supporting our economic recovery and supporting millions of black and Latinx families, but it falls short in many ways. But Democrats in the Senate have a big opportunity to deliver on immigration by ignoring the parliamentarian's opinion and move forward with the Parole Program. The failure to pass BBB with the Parole Program would not only have dire political consequences, but it would also leave millions of immigrant families in the shadows and in severe danger of further persecution from ICE and the Border Patrol. “


In 2020 our communities showed up to hand Democrats control of power in Congress, and the White House to move our country forward, and deliver relief for our communities in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Living United for Change in Arizona alongside partners in Arizona has worked tirelessly across the state knocking on doors, making thousands of phone calls, hosting countless events and actions, to push for the passage of BBB and immigration reform. Our efforts will continue until our immigrant families are provided with a pathway to citizenship.

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