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Arizona Republican Lawmakers Are Threatening to Unleash Raids on Schools, Hospitals, Places of Worship.

DACA Recipients Would be Under Direct Threat of Detention by Local Law Enforcement with Proposed Ballot Referral. Special Hearing on to Legalize Racial Profiling Happening Wednesday. 

May 7, 2024


PHOENIX – Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8, LUCHA will pack the committee room at our State Capitol to demand our state lawmakers oppose the strike-everything amendment to HCR2060. The strike-everything amendment to HCR2060 is the culmination of multiple failed immigration proposals that Arizona Republicans have failed to pass into law. With HCR2060, these extremists intend to send the most expansive anti-immigration law Arizona has seen since SB 1070 to the November ballot.

The proposed ballot referral puts in danger DACA recipients when encountering law enforcement, HCR 2060 would potentially open the door to prolonged detention. 

If approved in November, HCR2060 would give law enforcement broad authority to target Black and Brown individuals about their immigration status and force Arizona taxpayers to pay for over policing of communities of color, immigration court hearings, and deportations. Arizona has seen it before with the passage of SB 1070, which was intended to incite fear in immigrant communities and open the door to civil rights violations based on skin color or ethnicity.  

“Republican legislators are hellbent on bringing Donald Trump’s dystopian vision on immigration to life. If the proposed ballot referral is approved, Arizona will create a separate immigration system that will lead to deportation camps, and mass deportation efforts. We must not allow Arizona to become Donald Trump’s Guinea pig for failed and hatefull policies,” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA).

"This proposed ballot referral does not solve the humanitarian crisis at the border," said Gomez. "Instead, Republican lawmakers are proposing legislation that would create fear, distrust in our communities, and legalize racial profiling. No one should have to live in fear of harassment due to the color of their skin. Our communities haven’t forgotten about the dark days brought upon by SB 1070 when entire communities were ripped apart by another racist law. This is a GOP temper tantrum turned into policy.”

LUCHA will testify at the public hearing on Wednesday to advocate against the bill on behalf of immigrant communities across Arizona. We call on lawmakers to stand up against racist policies and protect the civil rights of all residents.

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