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Arizona Republicans Sidestep Rules and Silence Public to Pass Anti-Immigrant SB 1070 2.0 Bill

February 28, 2024


PHOENIX - Earlier today, Republican leadership in the House made a special motion to compel SB1231 state crime; illegal border crossings to the floor immediately for a floor reading and vote, in an attempt to put this bill on the Governor’s desk today. Because of this, Republicans in the House unanimously silenced and side-stepped Arizonans from providing key input and testimony for SB1231, as is the normal course for legislation. 

SB1231 passing out of the House on party lines comes on the heels of mounting pressure from the public and business leaders against racist SB1070 2.0 legislation (SB1231/HB2821/HB2748), which will be catastrophic for Arizona’s economy, disgrace our state, and lead to widespread racial profiling of Arizonans of color.

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona said in a statement: “In a democracy, we allow the public to weigh in and guide our policy-making. Silencing the public and constituents has become as fundamental to the Republican Party’s approach to governing as their hateful policy agenda. Today, we are witnessing a blatant example of this tyranny as Republican leadership in the House circumvents public opinion, silencing Arizonans in the legislative process. This is the shameful behavior of tyrants, not public servants. Rather than abandoning their hate-filled legislation, following the public’s rejection of SB1231/HB2748 and similar SB1070 2.0 legislation, they are attempting to shove their legislative agenda down the throats of Arizona’s families. This is not the leadership our state deserves, and further proves that this policy package does not represent Arizona’s people.”

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