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Historic Legislative Session Concludes with Major Victories for Arizona Communities...

July 31, 2023



Historic Legislative Session Concludes with Major Victories for Arizona Communities: "Community Groups like LUCHA Prove Progress is Possible with First Legislative Session under Gov. Hobbs and Democrats.

PHOENIX - As the Arizona Legislature motions to Sine Die, Living United For Change in Arizona (LUCHA) celebrates significant victories they accomplished in partnership with Legislative Democrats during the first Legislative Session under Governor Katie Hobbs. Most notably, they secured $150 million for the Arizona Housing Trust Fund and $40 million for the Arizona Promise Program in the FY2024 State Budget, defeated increased tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and held the line on protecting voting rights from special interest conspiracy theorist groups and far-right legislators.

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona, said, "Our two organizations have spent over seven years advocating for many of the issues we have won solutions for this year. We talked and listened to our communities and their needs. They have been telling us the challenges they have encountered trying to find an affordable place to live while at the same time trying to put their children through college. Securing $150 million for affordable housing and $40 million for the Arizona Promise Program is a great example of grassroots policymaking that will do a lot of good for families. But I challenge us to do more because we can!" Gomez continued: "Our floor is an Arizona that offers ample affordable housing options and allows Arizonans to pursue higher learning at any of our state universities and community colleges tuition-free! This year will catapult us into 2024, where we will work to ensure this future we seek will become a reality."

Through mobilizing community members, engaging in grassroots organizing, and working with Democratic leaders, LUCHA helped deliver real solutions that Arizonans have been calling for since before the Pandemic, particularly around affordable housing. "Community groups, Gov. Hobbs, and Legislative Democrats accomplished more on issues like affordable housing in a single Legislative Session than has been done by Republican-led state governments over the course of a decade," said Chris Gilfillan, Director of Political Strategies and Development at LUCHA. "We advocated for the most substantial investment into Arizona's Housing Trust Fund for years, but Gov. Ducey and Republican-majority Legislatures refused to act on our affordable housing crisis. For reasons like this, Arizonans elected Gov. Katie Hobbs last November, and we are proud to see Democrats we worked to elect to deliver real solutions for Arizonans."

The Work That Remains

For LUCHA, the work is never finished; this year, like many other years, is a building block for a better tomorrow. This year's victories lay the foundation for a significant political shift in the Arizona Legislature. For decades Republicans have been in complete control of the legislative process with majorities in the Senate and House. As their majority dwindles, we are one step closer to taking back the state legislature. Working to elect a Democratic Governor paid off, and our work to secure funding for critical services became a reality; the transformational potential lies in flipping the state legislature to Democratic control. LUCHA is poised and prepared to make this historic shift a reality in 2024. The work will continue to engage and mobilize our communities, amplify marginalized voices, and push for policies prioritizing the well-being and empowerment of all Arizonans. The tireless efforts of LUCHA, along with its coalition partners, have been instrumental in securing these landmark achievements. We have demonstrated the power of organizing and power building in shaping policy outcomes that genuinely prioritize the needs of Arizona families. We have achieved these milestones through our collective efforts, and it is with the same collective power that we will continue to forge a brighter future for Arizona.


About Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA):

Living United for Change in Arizona is a grassroots organization dedicated to building power with Arizona's working families. LUCHA fights for racial, economic, and social justice, striving to create a just and equitable society for all. Check us out on social media and our website for more information.

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