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House Committee to Hear “SB 1070 2.0” a Dangerous Bill Enabling State-Sanctioned Discrimination and Civil Rights Violations.

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) Takes a Stand Against Racial Profiling and Targeting of Immigrant Communities.

PHOENIX –  Happening today at 2:00 PM the House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee at the Arizona Legislature will be hearing HB 2748, an “SB 1070 2.0” bill that is deeply rooted in racism and xenophobia. That will lead to major civil rights violations and an increase in violence toward immigrant communities in Arizona. LUCHA will be in attendance today to provide critical testimony in opposition to HB 2748. 

This bill specifically would allow Arizona police and any local agents to arrest, harass, and detain individuals suspected of being undocumented raising concerns for potential widespread racial profiling without consequence. The bill would allow law enforcement and local agents to employ vigilante justice tactics without civil liability and operate with civil impunity. This is deeply troubling and undermines the principles of justice and jeopardizes the safety and rights of our communities and families.

“The Arizona GOP is at it again with another deeply racist bill that aims to tear families apart and harass black and brown communities across the state,” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of LUCHA. “Make no mistake, this bill is “SB 1070 2.0”, a redux of the dark days in Arizona where police were led by the likes of Arpaio to conduct raids into neighborhoods, terrorizing black and brown Arizonans. Immigrant families are far too familiar with the days of SB 1070 where raids & families being torn apart were a part of daily life in our state.” Gomez continued, “This legislation is not just a policy misstep; it is a calculated political maneuver by Republicans. Led by Trump they have made the political calculus that their road to victory lies on the backs of immigrant communities. As a state, we must reject this racist piece of legislation, and the weaponization of anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from Republicans.

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