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LUCHA Condemns Another “SB1070 2.0” Bill

Updated: Feb 19

HCR 2060 is Anti- Immigrant Legislation that Will Cripple Arizona's Key Industries & Economy.

PHOENIX – Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) stands in stern opposition of HCR 2060, another “SB1070 2.0” bill that targets immigrant families, but will also cripple Arizona’s economy. Arizonans are far too familiar with the horrors of the days under SB1070 that wreaked havoc on immigrant communities and Arizoina’s economy. During SB1070, Arizona lost over $140 million dollars in revenue, small businesses were negatively impacted, and the state’s image tarnished indefinitely. This is a step in that direction and part of a concerted effort to target the successful contributions of communities of color and immigrant families in the state.

The Hit on Arizona’s Industries & Small Businesses

HCR2060 unnecessarily requires contractors and subcontractors to participate in government overreach in the form of E-Verify and would decimate several sectors of Arizona’s economy. Whether you are a landscaper doing yard work at someone’s home or a construction company building homes, all will be subject to using E-Verify, an incredibly complex and costly system.  

HCR2060 will hurt already struggling industries like restaurants, construction, hospitality, and retail by slowing down the hiring process and raising labor costs exponentially. Failure to use E-Verify could result in a Class 6 Felony charge. 

Tax-Paying Immigrant Families & Their US Citizen Children Unfairly Targeted

Additionally, this Concurrent Resolution proposes an unwarranted expansion of E-Verify, which would restrict immigrant families' access to essential social services such as healthcare, housing assistance, and employment. The irony lies in the fact that those who have contributed their hard-earned tax dollars to fund these services would now find themselves excluded from benefiting from them, effectively depriving them of the millions they have invested in these programs. Such a measure would impose a substantial burden on our public services, leading to increased illness, homelessness, and deprivation of basic necessities for countless children. 

Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of LUCHA said, “Arizona Republicans are not only proposing racist legislation, but, at its core, bad policy that hurts our communities, and our state’s economy. Arizona benefits to the tune of billions of dollars from the hard work of immigrant workers. Not only are they building our homes, feeding our families, but they run and own small businesses, employing thousands of Arizona workers.” Gomez continued, “Arizona cannot afford to revisit the dark days of SB1070. HCR 2060, is another 'SB1070 2.0' bill that not only targets immigrant families but also poses a significant threat to Arizona's economy and vital industries. We condemn this anti-immigrant legislation, we urge partners, and legislators to join us in opposing HCR 2060, and the weaponization of anti-immigrant rhetoric that undermines our values and economic prosperity."

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