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Official Statement: We Do What Senator Sinema Doesn't - Advocate For Arizonans!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Statement by Co-Directors of LUCHA, Tomas Robles and Alejandra Gomez, and the entire organization.

With all eyes on Arizona and Senator Sinema right now, many Arizonans are asking, is Sinema doing her job? The millions of Arizonans that include, Black, brown, and indigenous communities who elected her do not think she is. Sinema has shown zero interest to engage with her constituents, or meet her colleagues halfway on critical legislation.

This is Sinema’s moment to do the right thing and stop blocking the Build Back Better Act. We - her constituents - need a pathway to citizenship, access to healthcare and lower drug prices, better-paying jobs, education funding, and the ability to keep our families safe. Senator Sinema must listen to constituents and support a Build Back Better agenda.

LUCHA is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in our state and that’s exactly what we want to see from the Senator. Sinema’s constituents have not been granted access to her office, they have been ignored, dismissed, and antagonized. We will continue to do the appropriate thing: listen to people across Arizona about what they need to thrive, meet our community where they are, fiercely advocate on their behalf, and meet the moment!


Background on LUCHA:

Since 2010, LUCHA’s membership has built community power across the country by knocking on doors, making phone calls, lobbying our local and national elected officials, endorsing candidates that align with the values of everyday Arizonans and that put our needs first. We raised the minimum wage and provided earned sick time for millions of Arizonans, removed a Sheriff who was racially profiling people of color, and was hugely impactful in electing a Democratic Senate in Arizona.

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