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SB 1070 2.0 Legislation SB 1231 Vetoed by Governor Hobbs, Striking Major Blow in Republicans’ Hate-Filled Agenda to Bring Back the Era of SB1070. LUCHA Played Critical Role in Derailing Legislation.

LUCHA Played Critical Role in Derailing Legislation.

March 4, 2024


PHOENIX - Last week Republicans silenced Arizonans from the legislative process by making a special motion to compel SB 1231 state crime; illegal border crossings to the floor immediately for a floor reading and vote, passing one of the most extreme and racist anti-immigrant bills of our time without Arizonans being able to weigh in. Despite their undemocratic efforts, we are thrilled to announce that Governor Katie Hobbs has vetoed SB 1231.  

Throughout the 2024 legislative session, Living United for Change in Arizona has tirelessly opposed Republican's discriminatory and racist agenda. LUCHA and its members have dedicated countless hours to providing critical testimony in hearings, mobilizing the community and partners, and engaging with lawmakers behind the scenes. LUCHA has been at the forefront of efforts to kill the SB 1070 2.0 legislative package, working relentlessly to safeguard the civil and human rights of all Arizonans.

“Today we thank Governor Hobbs for striking a major blow to Arizona Republicans’ attempt to bring in a new era of anti-immigrant hate and legalized racial profiling to our state. SB 1231 doesn’t solve the humanitarian crisis at the border, and it would have inflicted tremendous harm to Arizona communities.” Said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of LUCHA. Gomez continued, “While Republicans have abandoned morality and democratic principles, today is a reflection of the power of democracy and the power of people when they come together to fight against racism, hate, and just plain bad policy.

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