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Phoenix Becomes First City in Arizona to Pass Prevailing Minimum Wage. LUCHA’s Fight to Prop 206 Continues to Pave the Way for Workers Rights to Fair Wages!

Updated: Jan 10


January 9, 2024 

Cesar Fierros | | 520-982-1146

PHOENIX –  Since Prop 206’s passage in 2016, from Tucson to Flagstaff, where costs of living are significantly higher, working families have successfully continued to fight for fair wages in their communities at the local level. Today, the Phoenix and Tucson City Councils are taking another step forward to ensure all Arizona workers are paid fair wages, including our contract and subcontract workers who are often not included in worker-centered policy. Prevailing wage ordinances will ensure fair pay, benefits, and safer working conditions to our workers!

On the passing of prevailing wage in Phoenix and Tucson, Alejandra Gomez said, In 2016 LUCHA centered workers and their families when crafting proposition 206 to raise the state's minimum wage. Arizona workers deserved a raise, and every year since 2016 we have seen a boost to people's livelihoods. It is because of Prop 206 that today, the cities of Tucson and Phoenix are in the process of passing their own prevailing wage for city construction contract workers. What this means is that we will see Arizona families across the state see a significant boost to their incomes, offering stability and protecting workers from wage theft! Eight years later, LUCHAs Prop 206 is continuing to enable workers to build better, and stronger lives for themselves and their families.

Raquel Teran, Congressional Candidate for C-3 said , “I am proud that I was part of a coalition, led by Living United for a Change (LUCHA), that worked to pass Proposition 206 which is known for raising the minimum wage, but also, gave municipalities latitude in establishing wages, plural, as in more than one minimum wage (or benefits plan) in their jurisdiction. Thankfully, this law that passed was clearly cited by the Arizona Attorney General, Kris Mayes, acknowledging the authority of cities to make this decision before you today.”

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