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Tonight's Debate Proved to Arizonans that Donald Trump Remains a Wannabe Tyrannical Dictator.

Official Statement: Trump Winning in November is an Unacceptable Outcome.

For Immediate Release

June 27, 2024

PHOENIX – At tonight’s first presidential debate former disgraced president Donald Trump unleashed a tirade of hatred and disinformation, breaking every fact-checking machine covering this debate. According to CNN Trump shared over 30 lies in the 90-minute discussion. Voters are demanding honesty, integrity, and leadership. Tonight Trump gave the complete opposite. 

Trump’s persistent peddling of blatant lies is dangerous. From misleading statements about the COVID-19 pandemic to baseless claims about electoral fraud, and lies on abortion and immigration his words have real consequences. They sow confusion, create unnecessary fear, and undermine public trust. This pattern of deceit is not just problematic; it is a deliberate strategy to destabilize and manipulate this country for the sake of political expediency. 

“One thing is clear, Trump is still the same wannabe dictator he was during his first term, his candidacy remains an existential threat to our Democracy, and the very communities he scapegoats on the campaign trail. If Donald Trump wins in November he will unleash an all-out attack on our institutions from the media to our justice department. Brown and Black communities across this country will bear the brunt of Trump's chaos.” Said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona. Gomez continued. “Latino voters rejected Trump once before in 2020, and they are poised to say no to hate and chaos once again. In Arizona, they will represent 1 of every 4 voters, the road to the White House goes right through our state.”

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