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Official Statement from LUCHA’s Executive Director Alejandra Gomez: Trump Remains an Existential Threat to Our Democracy - A 2nd Term Would be Unacceptable!

May 30, 2024


PHOENIX – “Today a jury of his peers found former President Donald Trump guilty on 34 felony counts for falsifying documents in the “New York Hush Money Case.” With that ruling, Trump becomes the first convicted President in the history of the United States. Donald Trump has always behaved like he was above the law, but today’s decision shows that even a former one-term President can be held accountable for their crimes. Despite these convictions, Donald Trump remains an existential threat to our communities and our Democracy. And, make no mistake, his supporters from those in Washington D.C. to those in the Arizona Legislature will make a million excuses and stand by their presumptive nominee. Ultimately, if that is the case, they will be choosing an unhinged wannabe authoritarian over our Democracy."

“The Arizona GOP is equally guilty and complicit; his apologists and enablers remain in power today. Arizonans, and the country as a whole, deserve better. A second Trump term is an unacceptable outcome that will lead to chaos and an all-out attack on our civil rights and civil liberties. In November, Arizonans must galvanize and reject the convicted felon Donald Trump and the hatred he spews.”


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