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January 31st, 2022

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Press Conference: Tuesday, February 1st @ 11AM MST 


Arizona Center for Empowerment, the People First Economy Campaign for Arizona, and allies to Celebrate Paid Family and Medical Leave & Affordable Housing As Legislative Priorities 


PHOENIX – As we enter 2022, Arizonans continue to feel the devastating effects of the pandemic on the local economy, their bank accounts, and their health. The state is facing unprecedented levels of houselessness as rent prices rise and our affordable housing shortage worsens. Working families are being forced to choose between their health and a paycheck as paid family and medical leave remains inaccessible. And, compounded by that, students continue to attend the worst-funded schools in the nation. That is why Arizonans remain in dire need of support and bold policy solutions. However, lawmakers choose to prioritize tax cuts for the rich, and Gov. Ducey sits on billions of state and federal dollars earmarked for Rescue.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1,  at 11 a.m., join us on the AZ State Capitol House Lawn for a press conference hosted by the Arizona Center for Empowerment, The People First Economy Campaign for Arizona, Sens. Martín Quezada and Raquel Terán, and community members as we celebrate Arizona State lawmakers championing paid family and medical leave, affordable housing, and other economic policies that #InvestInUs.


  • Who: Sen. Martin Quezada, Sen. Raquel Teran, and Community Member Sara Munoz 

  • When: Feb. 1 @ 11 a.m. MST

  • Where: AZ Capitol-House Lawn 


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