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Final Vote on HCR 2060 To Take Place June 4th.

Organizations Head to Capitol to Defend Communities from the Anti-Immigrant Legislation that will Destroy Arizona.

June 3, 2024



PHOENIX — Tomorrow June 4, LUCHA alongside community members and movement partners, will be at the capitol as we await the final vote on HCR 2060.

We invite the press to join us at 10 a.m. to pack the House Gallery as we show our solidarity against this racist legislation that will lead to widespread racial profiling in our communities.

Time and time again, we have heard extremist Arizona Republicans mask this referral as a solution to the border and fentanyl crisis. HCR 2060 provides no real solutions to these issues, but instead welcomes an anti-Arizona agenda that will foster an environment where fear, hate, division, and racism run rampant across our state. 

Not to mention, the economic impact of HCR 2060 on Arizona’s economy and its communities would be devastating.The Grand Canyon Institute estimates an annual cost of at least $325 million, not including additional law enforcement expenses and potential reputational damage, which could total $1 billion. 

“It’s a true travesty that Arizona is being led back to the dark days when our communities of color were under attack due to the color of their skin just 14 years ago,” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona. “I’ve lived it once before, and I know we cannot allow for Arizona Republicans to revive SB 1070, which will sow fear and racism within our communities. If passed by the House, make no mistake – our communities will reject this hate-filled policy at the ballot in November.”

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