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Living United for Change in Arizona Official Sponsors of Upcoming Downtown Phoenix’s Largest Film Festival - Will Premiere Film “A Genesis of Empowerment”

PHOENIX – The Arizona Center for Empowerment (ACE) will debut its short film “A Genesis of Empowerment” at the Indie Film Fest in downtown Phoenix, named the best film festival by Phoenix New Times. Living United for Change in Arizona & The Arizona Center for Empowerment are official sponsors of the Indie Film Fest.

Through first-hand accounts, the short documentary tells the stories of the transformational impact the organization has had building power within its members to incite change.

The film’s director, Gina Mendez, is a first-generation Chicana whose organizing journey stemmed from witnessing firsthand the economic struggles endured by her hardworking mother working two jobs to make ends meet. 

“As a woman of color with no filmmaking experience, I’m honored to have this film featured in this space with so many like-minded creatives. I’m excited to show the community the impact of investing in community leaders and how this creates people power,” said Mendez.

“For years, we have witnessed the triumphs and struggles of our members as they work to enact change,” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of ACE. “This film gives a glimpse into the heart and soul of our organization by showcasing the voices of the individuals building a more just and equitable Arizona.”

For over a decade, ACE has built power through its members to register a record number of people to vote, achieve historic legislative victories, and provide increased and improved direct services for Arizona’s immigrant communities.

The Indie Film Fest is a multi day, multi venue, inclusive festival in downtown Phoenix with screenings at the Phoenix Center for the Arts as well as panels, mixers, and events all around the artist community. 

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