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Senator Sinema Says She Won't Run for Re-election. Blames Arizona Voters for Being Out of Touch. Sinema Still Doesn’t Get It, Arizonans Are Fed Up with Her.

Sinema Still Doesn’t Get It, Arizonans Are Fed Up with Her.

March 5, 2024


PHOENIX – Today, Senator Sinema has decided not to run for reelection and blames Arizonans for being out of touch with her as the reason for not running. Sinema had the opportunity to apologize to Arizona whose trust she betrayed daily as Senator. She had the opportunity to explain why she turned her back on Arizonans when they needed her most. Instead, she takes zero accountability and points the finger at the very people she failed to serve. Sinema has no viable path to victory and would have been a spoiler in the race. Sinema betrayed Arizona, contributed to the corrupt political system, and was an impediment to progress and reform. 

“Sinema’s biggest accomplishment as Senator was today’s decision not to seek reelection,” said Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona. “Sinema was a major obstacle to President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan. The Senator had the opportunity to stand with us to protect our water and environment, defend our democracy, reform our healthcare system, guaruntee paid family and medical leave, and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Every time, she chose profit, corporations, and self-service over the people of Arizona. That is how Senator Sinema will be remembered. Her legacy will be one of disappointment and utter betrayal,” Gomez continued. “Arizona deserves better leadership, someone who is ready and poised to represent our great state.  As a state, it is time to turn the page and focus on electing a senator who will fight for our communities, and embody our values. A Kari Lake victory is an unacceptable outcome, it will be LUCHA’s top priority to ensure Arizona doesn’t fall under the hands of a Donald Trump lackey.” 


About Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA):

Living United for Change in Arizona is a grassroots organization dedicated to building power with Arizona's working families. LUCHA fights for racial, economic, and social justice, striving to create a just and equitable society for all. Check us out on social media and our website for more information.

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