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The Arizona Supreme Court has Issued One of the Most Extreme Abortion Bans in the Country. LUCHA Pledges to Knock on 1 Million Doors to Restore Reproductive Rights in November.

April 9, 2024


Press Contact: Cesar Fierros (

PHOENIX — Following the Arizona's Supreme Court’s disastrous decision to reinstate a nearly 200-year-old law banning Abortion in Arizona and ripping away Arizonan's bodily autonomy. Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), has issued the following statement: 

"We are not surprised by the Arizona's Supreme Court’s blatant extremism. Their ruling today puts the lives of countless Arizonans at risk and robs us of our most basic rights—the right to make our own decisions about our own bodies free from government interference. Arizona families deserve the freedom to make their own decisions about pregnancy and abortion. To revert to an 1800's era near-total ban that was established when women could not vote is completely out-of-step with the majority of Arizonans from across the political spectrum. It puts us in line with states like Louisiana and Arkansas where doctors are fleeing and patients are suffering and dying. No matter how you personally feel about abortion, most Arizonans agree these deeply personal decisions should be left to patients, their families, and their medical providers—not politicians. The continued rise of Republican extremism in our state underscores the urgent need for action! Now more than ever, LUCHA and partners are galvanized to defeat Republican politicians who continue attack our civil liberties and Arizonan's reproductive rights!”


About Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA):

Living United for Change in Arizona is a grassroots organization dedicated to building power with Arizona's working families. LUCHA fights for racial, economic, and social justice, striving to create a just and equitable society for all. Check us out on social media and our website for more information.

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